Laura is a pleasure to work with.  She is very flexible when scheduling yoga classes and workshop seminars for our newly created Wellness Program at our corporate office in Mt. Arlington.  Laura has designed our classes to allow beginners and advance participants to attend.  Laura leads a very relaxed while still challenging class.  Everyone expresses how recharged they are when they leave.

Donna Mangano

Storis Human Resources Assistant

Mt. Arlington, NJ

After a hectic and stressful day, coming to yoga is calming and restorative.  Since I've been practicing, I am much stronger and have much greater range of motion.  In upsetting situations I can call on my yoga practice thanks to Laura Mazzella and our Wellness Program.

Terese Pierson

Assistant Board Secretary

Frankford Twp. Board of Education

Frankford, NJ

My husband and I have taken numerous yoga classes with Laura.  They are not just "classes" but a true experience of strength, challenge and meditation.  Her spiritual energy always creates a calm and relaxing environment.  Her class adjustments guide you through the poses in both a knowledgeable and skillful way.  We could not have asked for a better yoga experience.

Bill & Carol Aitken

Sparta, NJ

As a late comer to the practice of yoga, Laura showed me through her beautiful practice, nourishing energy, and her careful and patient guidance, how a body stiff with arthritis and a mind crowded with anxiety could be transformed with every session on the mat, allowing me to find grace and strength in both movement and in stillness.  Wherever you are on your wellness journey, Laura will set you on a path of greater self-awareness and self-healing.

Helene S.

Sparta, NJ

Our patrons enjoyed Laura's Meditation Workshop so much that we have invited her back again and again.  She does a wonderful presentation.  We look forward to having her again for an Introduction to Chair Yoga Workshop.  Laura is an excellent teacher.

Grace Lane

Sparta Library Events Coordinator

Sparta, NJ

We had a meditation lesson with Laura for the family (including 4 kids ages 6yo to 16yo) and it was a wonderful experience.  Laura is very knowledgeable about meditation and taught us different techniques to get better at it and the kids got it easily enough to incorporate into their daily practice.  I would highly recommend Laura because she is a pleasure to work with.

Anshu Iyer

Sparta, NJ


"Let the beauty of what you love
be what you do"